50 Cent And Dr. Dre Are Being Sued By A Producer Over ‘P.I.M.P.’

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50 Cent and Dr. Dre are being accused of intentionally using another producer’s beat for “P.I.M.P.” According to a report from TMZ, Brandon Parrott claims his track “BAMBA” was used for 50 Cent’s third single from his debut album, 2003’s Get Rich Or Die Tryin’, without his permission.

According to Parrott, he submitted 10 tracks to Dr. Dre’s Aftermath Entertainment record label in 2001 — including the aforementioned “BAMBA” — with the goal of his beats being selected for the record label’s artists. Parrott also alleges that a producer from Dr. Dre’s camp then reached out after the album was finalized and claimed they unintentionally used his beat. As a result, he signed a settlement deal in lieu of being co-credited for the “P.I.M.P.” beat. Now, Parrott claims recent interviews prove the story to be untrue and is suing 50 Cent and Dr. Dre to get his fair share of the profits from the hit single.

While Dr. Dre is worth nine figures, 50 Cent isn’t the right person to target for a settlement right now. While the rapper has worked out a debt payment plan to dig him out of bankruptcy, it hinges on the sale of his 21-bedroom Connecticut mansion and requires him to make payments spaced out over the next five years.

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