A Widow Penned A Passionate Defense Of Patton Oswalt’s Recently Announced Engagement

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Last year, Patton Oswalt’s worst nightmare became all too public when one morning he found his wife passed away in their bed. His public grieving brought us closer to his pain as he tried to recover into some semblance of normalcy while he continued to care for his seven-year-old daughter, but for some, it was intense knowing how utterly gutted Patton was.

The internet devolved into the cesspool that boils up all too often at times, but for every single troll, it seemed like ten empathetic souls reached out to Patton and helped him get back on his feet. Losing a partner, one that you created a life with, can bring a pain that is unfathomable to most. That’s why the recent announcement that Oswalt was getting engaged to actress Meredith Salenger put some off with its relative quickness. Maybe they thought he was supposed to be miserable forever, or until the masses on social media deemed it appropriate for him to love again so soon after his wife’s death.

This led to widow Erica Roman writing a passionate defense of his recent engagement. She understood what Oswalt was going through as well as anyone — her husband died just days before Oswalt’s wife. To her, they were on this terrible journey together.

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