‘Agents Of Mayhem’ Tops The Five Games You Need To Play This Week

Deep Silver/Sega/Aspyr

Every week, there are more games for more systems than ever before. So, every week, we pick five games worth your time and money to play this week. Starting with the GI Joe game we all wanted but never quite got.

Pick Of The Week: Agents Of Mayhem, Tuesday ($60, PS4, Xbox One and PC)

If you dearly remember the postmodern commentary and utter hilarious carnage of the Saints Row series, it’s back, sort of, in a game paying tribute to the Saturday morning action cartoons of yore and set in one of the many alternate realities that spawned from Saints Row IV‘s insane ending. Pick a squad of quasi-military borderline superheroes, each with unique weapons, gear, and superpowers ranging from lightning strikes to stuffing people in your giant balls, and fight the evil forces of Legion by blowing things up. You know, for freedom!

Because freedom means explosions, didn’t you learn anything from Michael Bay?

Sonic Mania, Tuesday ($20, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch)

Yes, Sonic is returning to his roots with Sonic Mania, a 2D platformer like the classic games of yore, when the inexplicably quick blue hedgehog blasted his way through loop-de-loops and collected rings instead of fighting his Glock-toting evil clone. The goal is to completely replicate the experience, right down to the animation and pixel graphics, and the result should be interesting. If nothing else, it’ll be a nice throwback to the ’90s. And hey, speaking of Sega and the ’90s…

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