Brock Lesnar Wants Anyone Who Thinks He’s Taking Steroids To ‘Deal With It’


On Thursday, the UFC hosted a conference call for the media in advance of UFC 200. The call featured headliners Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier, but was more or less overshadowed by the sheer GOLD that came out of the mouth of once and current WWE and UFC golden boy Brock Lesnar.

You think we’re kidding about Brock spitting HOT FIRE? We are not kidding about Brock spitting hot fire:

We have compiled the best quotes from the Brock Lesnar portion of the conference call, as reported on Twitter via ESPN’s Brett Okamoto and MMA Junkie’s Chamatkar Sandhu:

On his return to the Octagon and all of the fervor surrounding it, Lesnar said, “I find it amusing. It’s funny.” When asked about the recent comments by Stephanie McMahon, who claimed the WWE was “not supporting” his one-time return to UFC, he stated, “Everybody is 100 percent behind this and supporting this. I’m happy and that’s all that matters.”

Lesnar claims that he’s been training about four to five weeks, and of his decision to return, he said, “I was literally sitting on my property and thought it’s time. I can’t sit and think about this and wanting, wishing and wondering.” And regarding a possible future of more UFC fights, he said, “I haven’t given it much thought. Nothing’s going to change, I’m just looking forward to stepping in the cage.”

Both Okamoto and Sandhu noted that even after Brock stopped taking questions, he could be heard cackling evilly in the background while Jones and Cormier bickered.

And if you were worried for one second that Brock wouldn’t be going off the cuff the entire time:


As Sandhu noted after the conference call, what was ostensibly a press call-in about UFC 200 became the Brock Lesnar show. Personally, we couldn’t be happier. Keep those quotes coming, Brock. You are forever our jacked white boy gold mine.

(via Brett Okamoto and Chamatkar Sandhu)

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