Charles Barkley Has A Great Explanation For Not Being On The Phoenix Suns’ All-Time ‘NBA 2K18’ Team

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The release of NBA 2K18’s all-time teams has produced quite a bit of reaction. Some of the omissions from the league’s 30 teams are fairly egregious, and the absence of Charles Barkley from both the all-time 76ers and Suns teams drew the ire of many this week.

With that said, Barkley has been on the record before that his likeness isn’t available unless the game provides funding for retired players. This time around, though, the Hall of Fame forward opened up on his thinking with more detail in speaking to Bickley and Marotta on 98.7 FM in Phoenix.

“What I’ve told them is, I don’t think we, as players, have ever done enough for the old veteran guys. I said if you’re going to use my likeness, you’re going to have to donate some money to the retired players’ association.”

“I don’t want a dime. I’ve been blessed to make a lot of money but the guys before us didn’t make a lot of money. We’ve got a lot of guys who are struggling financially and struggling physically and what I’ve said is ‘you guys can’t use my likeness unless you give some money to the retired players.’”

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