Dwyane Wade Celebrated His Cavs Signing Over A Glass Of Wine With LeBron James


Dwyane Wade is a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers. The team made the signing official on Wednesday evening and Wade went through his first practice with the Cavs afterwards.

The signing ends Wade’s very brief time as a free agent, in which Paul George desperately tried to convince him to join the Thunder’s budding superteam, only to be thwarted by Wade’s friendship with James. LeBron was very open about wanting Wade to join him in Cleveland, reuniting after winning two titles in Miami.

Wade had plenty of on-court reasons to join James as well, considering his tremendous success with James in the past and the Cavs remaining a favorite in the East. So, after their first practice as teammates in Cleveland, the two friends got together to celebrate with, what else, some large glasses of wine.

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