‘Forza 7’ Leads The Five Games You Need To Play This Week


Every week, it feels like there’s more games, more platforms, and more to play than ever before. So, each Tuesday, we pick out the five games worth your time. Starting, this week, with one of the most beautiful games you’ll see on the Xbox One.

Pick Of The Week: Forza Motorsport 7, Today ($60, Xbox One and PC)

Yes, gearheads, your beloved exclusive franchise is back. As you might have noticed in today’s review, the latest entry in the flagship is somewhat in the shadow of the open-world Horizon. But that doesn’t make it any less beautiful, or, for that matter, any less fun. It’s one of the most beginner-friendly of the hardcore racing games out there, and if you’ve wanted to get into racing, or just think your Xbox One has been slacking , put it to work and admire the scenery.

Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen, Today ($30, PS4 and Xbox One)

Why is this relaunch on our list? Let’s go waaaay back to our review when it first arrived in 2012:

It’s pretty rare you can remember the moment you fell in love with a game. But for me, it happened at a random encounter, where we were fighting a griffin, and one of my pawns asked me if I wanted to be thrown at the griffin. Which I did, and after grabbing onto it and stabbing it repeatedly, I jumped off because its wings had been set on fire and it was dropping like a stone. And then I cut its head off.

That’s why. If you haven’t played this RPG, now is decidedly the time.

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