How Fans Reacted To The Brutal, Unexpected Death In ‘Fear The Walking Dead’


This week’s episode of Fear the Walking Dead, “Brother’s Keeper” was a real humdinger. We don’t say it often about episodes of this series, but it was a fantastic installment.

We’ll have plenty more about the episode in our full roundup tomorrow morning, but we wanted to get immediate reaction from Twitter to the major casualty in the episode. It should have been Troy, but ultimately Jake (Sam Underwood) died in the episode thanks to a bad series of events. Troy sent a horde of walkers toward Broken Jaw Ranch; Jake and Nick went out to investigate; Jake put a gun to his brother Troy’s head; Nick pushed Jake off of him to keep him from killing his brother; and after tumbling down the side of a hill, Jake was bitten by a zombie. Troy and Nick attempted to save him by cutting off his arm, but Jake — in the arms of his brother — eventually bled to death, and Troy had to put his reanimated brother down.

It was all Troy’s fault. Or Nick’s fault for protecting Troy. Either way, Jake is dead.

It all started when Jake got bit and Troy had to hold his arm out while Nick used a machete to cut it off.

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