Justise Winslow Picks The Best ‘NBA 2K’ Player On The Heat, And It Isn’t Hassan Whiteside

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When we last spoke with him, Heat forward Justise Winslow confidently said that Miami’s center, Hassan Whiteside, isn’t as skilled at NBA 2K as he advertises on Snapchat.

“We played one time when I went to his house,” said Winslow. “(Whiteside) only beat me by six or eight points. He’s not as good as he says.”

Winslow admits to primarily playing NBA 2K in more of a family setting, usually against his brother. The Winslows play in Blacktop Mode, a five-on-five pickup mode where 2K players select five NBA players, regardless of team. In the Winslow household, though, it’s not as simple as picking LeBron, KD and an assorted collection of heavy-hitting NBA All-Stars. Instead, they do things a bit differently.

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