‘NBA Live 18’ Has Its Own Fire Soundtrack To Combat ‘NBA 2K18’

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While there’s no firm release date for NBA Live 18 yet (it’s scheduled to drop in December), the demo is set to drop on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on August 11. In fact, you can even scan your face now so you can upload it into the game when it’s available. But enough about faces, the battle between digital hardwood supremacy is back, and it has begun with dueling soundtracks between NBA 2K18 and NBA Live 18. It’s like Kyrie and LeBron, except not at all.

Both games share tracks from Kendrick Lamar, Lil Uzi Vert, Nas, Joey Bada$$ and more, with 2K18 boasting 47 tracks to Live‘s 29. That alone puts 2K18 above the competition in variety alone, but there are still some choice cuts here:

1) 2 Chainz, “4 AM” feat. Travis Scott
2) Aminé, “Heebiejeebies” feat. Kehlani
3) Ayo & Teo, “Rolex”
4) Dave East, “Paper Chasin” feat. A$AP Ferg
5) Ezri, “1/1”
6) Gorillaz, “Let Me Out” feat. Pusha T and Mavis Staples
7) Joey Bad4$$, “Ring The Alarm” feat. Kirk Knight, Nyck Caution & Meechy Darko of Flatbush Zombies
8) Kamaiyah, “How Does It Feel”
9) Kap G, “Rings”

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