Now The Commodore 64 Is Getting The Retro Comeback With The C64 Mini

Via Retro Games Ltd.

Consoles from the past just keep coming back in cute miniature form. Nintendo has the NES Classic and the SNES Classic. Sega and Atari have their Flashback series. And now 1982’s Commodore 64 is getting a half-sized rerelease early next year. And, just like the original Commodore 64, you’ll be able to not only play games with this on a TV with the included four-foot-long HDMI cable, but you’ll also be able to plug a USB keyboard into it (the tiny keys on the console are apparently for show) and code BASIC on it, even coding new games if that’s your druthers. Yes, it’s a lot like a Raspberry Pi. But cooler looking.

The C64 Mini will cost $69.99 and come with 64 pre-installed games (listed below), a joystick with a 5 foot cord, and a USB charging cable. Just as with the Nintendo versions, this mini console will also allow you to save games at any point and choose different visual modes (pixel perfect, CRT, and scanline emulation) depending on how retro you want to go. Speaking of retro, just look at this thing:

Via Retro Games Ltd.

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