President Obama Is Dunking All Over Fools In ‘NBA 2K’ Thanks To A Genius Gamer


NBA 2K gamer Nyke Faller decided to make a MyPlayer of former President Barack Obama and it’s the best video you’ll see today. The create-a-player mode allows you to put your face (or in this case Barack Obama’s face) in the game and the character looks amazing.

Watching video game Obama crossing up defenders and dunking all over people is incredible and you can’t help but smile as he yams on Carmelo Anthony and then celebrates over him with the cooking hand motion. I love the little touch of the knee pads, because an older guy like Obama needs a little extra support for the knees.

The opening of the video is pretty great too, with Obama riding on Air Force 1 and explaining that “he’s not a shooter” but that he’s 6’1″ and athletic and ready for the next challenge.

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