The Almost Infinite List Of Classic Sega IPs That Need To Be Revived For Modern Systems

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Gamers have been buzzing since Sega released its latest investment report in which the company called for a “reutilization of dormant IPs.” Since the company’s console days are well behind them, they’ve been focusing on their biggest properties such as Total War, Persona and lots and lots of Sonic, which is getting a little boring. With the company plainly stating in the report that there will be some “major” properties revived as Sega looks to make a new, non-hedgehog sized dent in the gaming industry, there plenty of games that deserve a fresh, next-generation home. In fact, there’s almost too many to go through.

From massive hits to cult favorites, Sega built up a fantastic library of games of the years. That’s why they continue to do well with PC re-releases and bundle deals. But some games are just overdue. And, with the advent of decent VR, some of these seem like no-brainers.

Virtua Cop

Virtua Cop made you feel like you actually were Dirty Harry, except you were getting pushed around while strapped into a hand truck. Develop an immersive VR game and this will be bought by all the people.

This has already been pulled off on a much smaller scale in VR WorldsLondon Heist.

Gunstar Heroes

Extremely difficult games have never been more popular than right now, so give us a new Gunstar Heroes, throw some roguelike elements in there, and we got ourselves a stew going. The cherry on top would be some sweet hand-drawn visuals.

Ecco The Dolphin

Journey, Flower, any walking simulator. We’re at a place in gaming’s history where people just want some sort of novel experience, even if it’s short. Ecco is totally doable as a simple and beautiful swimming simulator. The best part of Ecco was exploring and jumping out of the water, so just do that but make it look modern, charge $10 and we good.

ToeJam & Earl

The weirdest duo in gaming are already on the comeback trail thanks to a successful Kickstarter, but damn it, Sega needs to step up and reclaim the title of “Best Absurd Video Game” before Rick & Morty take over gaming (because you know it’s only a matter of time). Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Hell, the revival is coming to us through Adult Swim Games.

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