‘The Simpsons’ Provide Some Perfect Memes To Explain The Particulars Behind ‘Brexit’ To People



The United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union, commonly dubbed “Brexit”, is a complex and emotional situation. It’s the first time that a member state has decided to leave the E.U. since the union was founded and can seem complex to those of us across the pond. Luckily, there really is a Simpsons quote or .gif for every occasion (as should be expected of a cartoon that’s been around since the Hadean Eon).

The Facebook group Woo Hoo!: Classic Simspons Quotes has been unearthing all the perfect Springfield moments to explain the uncertain situation of Queen and Country, but perhaps none sums it up better than this:

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There was fingerpointing:

And many of the group’s members are just as confused over what happened:

Observers couldn’t resist the urge to take a few shots:

Of course, the Scottish question reared its head via everyone’s favorite groundskeeper:

And the urge to poke fun at the British following the historic collapse of the pound was too much to resist:

But some were there to offer solutions and a way to move forward:

The saddest memes are the ones that go unused:

If we all take one thing from this whole event, let it be these immortal words from Kent Brockman:

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