‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Mixes Myth With Easter Eggs In Its Trailer At Comic-Con 2017


Marvel definitely had some steep competition heading into Saturday night’s Comic-Con panel. Most were expecting a brand new Thor: Ragnarok trailer, but fans were also treated to the sneak looks at Black Panther and Captain Marvel, plus a repeat engagement with the D23 footage from Avengers: Infinity War. Black Panther gave us an early look at Klaw’s new arm to replace the one lost in Age of Ultron, but it was Captain Marvel that might’ve surprised the most with the inclusion of the Skrulls — originally thought to be property of the Fox deal — and the revelation that it will be a prequel set in the ’90s. Well ahead of all the other Marvel films we’ve seen.

But both of those are well off past the turn of the new year. While many people are still dying to see the Infinity War footage, the real star of the show was the Thor: Ragnarok panel and trailer. Not only does it combine two of the greatest Marvel Comics stories of all time into one film, it also looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun. Fun that was missing from previous Thor films, fun that helps bust up the tension of this world shaking superhero battles, and fun that is welcome before the grim events of Infinity War.

Not only is the scope massive — which is hard to comprehend considering what comes next — but we also got to see the Hulk do practically every Hulk thing we’d want to see except having his name in the title of the movie. And that’s only in the trailer. It might not be the footage that everybody wants, but it’s more than worthy of a breakdown.

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