Wiz Khalifa’s Old Label Sues Him For $2 Million

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Wiz Khalifa filed suit against his old record label Rostrum Records back in May, looking to get out of a 360 deal that entitled the once-hot indie imprint to a little bit of everything he made. The record label isn’t taking the suit lying down and filed a countersuit alleging that Khalifa owes them $2 million.

Rostrum claims that they — along with Khalifa’s old manager — are owed 15 percent of all Khalifa’s royalties, 15 percent of tour proceeds and 20 percent of merchandise sales. All together they say Khalifa has shorted them over $2 million by failing to recognize this, adding that his lawsuit is merely a way to shirk his responsibilities to the label.

According to Rolling Stone, Rostrum’s filing calls Khalifa’s suit “a transparent and baseless pre-emptive strike, designed to attempt to evade paying millions of dollars that Tomaz owes to defendant Rostrom Records, LLC.”

The king of cool pants and his lawyers argue that he was coaxed into a deal that worked against his own interest by former manager Benjy Grinberg and Rostrum.

“During the period that Grinberg and Rostrum acted as plaintiff’s personal mangers, they induced (the) plaintiff to enter into a series of transactions in which Grinberg and Rostrum placed their own interests over those of plaintiff,” the suit reads.

Rostrum’s suit calls this version of events “a fabricated story that mischaracterizes the relationships between the parties and the agreements at issue.”

The suit against Khalifa will have a hearing on August 1.

(Via Rolling Stone)

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